In 1977 MR.Bernardini, Formentini and Smerilli, Gianrico Mori Shoes factory founder entrepreneurs, begin their activity realizing a craft made woman’s footwear production whit the cooperation of the relatives and a few current employees. In the course of the years the company constantly has been developed to organizational and structural level using machinery technologically brought up to date, becoming specialized in the production of high-quality and elegant woman’s shoes (from the sandal to the boot) still succeeding to, maintain and to improve its handicraft productive characteristics.


Our ability current production of around 450/500 pairs per day, totally built in the workplace, get a usable area of 3.500, and coordinated by 4 partners and built by 50 workers, all united in the desire to achieve a high quality products, either by careful choice of excellent materials, that through the creation of a cycle of product production close attention to detail.